Manny's Online AirCargo is owned and managed by Manny Posadas. It was established as a registered New York State corporation and started operations in January 2014 to provide a convenient, hassle-free online shopping experience for our Kababayan shoppers by shipping their online purchases by air to the Philippines with the fastest and most secure way, without the shocking excessive shipping and handling fees.

    Simply use Manny's Online AirCargo's NY address as your shipping address for all your online purchases on ANY U.S. online shopping website (e.g. amazon.com, ebaycom, walmart.com, macys.com, and many more) Once received, we will send you an acknowledgement email containing the photo/s of your purchased item/s, and have it/them delivered to your doorstep within 5-7 business days (Metro Manila area) or 10-15 business days (outside Metro Manila). What is unique about our services is that we do a cost-free consolidation and repacking services for all items you have purchased online. All items bought become sure bargains due to our free consolidation services by trusted personnel.

     Manny's Online AirCargo is a sister company of First Resources Employment Agency, a licensed employment agency in NY also established by Manny Posadas in 1987, doing placements of domestic and household employees. It is one of the first, if not the first, in the placement of Pinay nannies, housekeepers, companions, caregivers, cooks, baby nurses, butlers, housemen, laundress and other household help to high-end clients  in the NY Tri-State Area (NY-NJ-CT). Over the years since it started operations, an impressive array of customers have called and hired from this agency— celebrity clients such as famous movie actors, actresses, and important names in the field of politics, literature, fashion, entertainment, sports and television.

    First Resources Employment Agency has been considered NY’s best kept secret, and thru word-of-mouth, it has thrived thru sheer excellence in service and personnel. It has almost become a household name in the NY community. With this experience, we hope to provide the same excellent service with Manny’s Online AirCargo.