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After finding your ITEM(S) from a US online store (i.e.,, etc.), check-out and put our mailing address as your SHIPPING ADDRESS as follows:

Manny Posadas/ Your Name

Manny’s address (contact us for details)

Send us the LINK to your purchase with your full name, address and phone number. Your address should also include the name of your village or subdivision (if any).

You will receive an EMAIL NOTIFICATION from us when the package arrives here.

Upon receipt, we will weigh your item(s), repack with other item(s) (if any), and will measure the box. 

You will then be sent an email from us with the cost of shipping by air. We use a formula used by airlines in coming up with the price to charge you, which is based on chargeable weight also known as volumetric weight. We have a minimum of 17.6 lbs for regular/non-electronic items

and 16 lbs for electronic items per shipment.


A delivery charge of $20/package is added to your shipping fee for Metro Manila addresses. We will inform you of the delivery charge for provinces or areas outside Metro Manila.


Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

We accept the following forms of payment in USD:


CREDIT CARDS (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX), CHECK DRAWN BY US BANK, PAYPAL,  ZELLE and WIRE TRANSFER. Please contact us for details.

Once you have authorized the delivery and confirmed the payment, we will ship your package to your address in the Philippines.

We ONLY deliver door-to-door so no pickup can be made.

How It Works Anchor


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